Partner Programme

As a ChiDesk Partner, you can capitalize on the growing spa, medical, wellness & fitness software markets to reach new customers, grow your revenue and accelerate sales. Earn recurring revenue on every successful referral.

Recurring revenue

Earn recurring commission for the life-time of your referred clients.

Fast growing market

The spa, wellness, beauty and fitness industries are a rapidly growing sector.

No revenue commitments

There are no minimum monthly client or revenue requirements.

Advisors: Refer Customers to Us

The Advisor programme is great for consultants, accountants, bookkeepers, and anyone else who wants to provide clients with SpaGuru business solutions. Advisors earn valuable commission without any obligations.

There are no revenue commitments and low administration overheads involved.

For every referral lead you submit that turns into a SpaGuru customer, you earn 10% recurring commission for as long as that customer remains a paying client of ours. Commission is paid as soon as the value of your 10% commission has been received from the new client.

How it works

  • You evaluate and qualify your own leads.
  • Send the generated leads to our websites using your unique partner code.
  • The SpaGuru sales team will close the deal.
  • Clients are billed directly by SpaGuru.
  • You get a commission payment, or deduction from your own rental cost.

Gurus: Sell our Business Solutions

The Guru programme is great for partners that are in the business of providing services and support to clients, selling retail hardware, or even fitting out new businesses.

You are in control of sales, onsite implementation and ongoing support and training. SpaGuru handles the billing for our solutions, you charge for any supplementary services such as onsite training, hardware and other services.

As a Guru Partner you’ll earn 20% on-going commission for the lifetime of your active clients.

How it works

  • You evaluate and qualify your own leads.
  • You receive training on our products to ensure you can provide setup, training and on-going support to any clients you sign up.
  • Confirmed clients will sign up on our website using your unique partner code.
  • Clients are billed directly by SpaGuru.
  • You provide on-site setup, training and on-going support.
  • You get a recurring commission payment.

Please note that the Guru programme is only available for businesses situated outside of South Africa.


  • You’ll only earn commission on referred customers that we are not already in contact with.
  • For groups or franchises, you’ll earn commission on the existing branches at the time of referral. Future sites and branches do not qualify.
  • Referred customers must be new businesses. You cannot earn commission on a new branch or site for an existing customer or business owner using a SpaGuru solution.
  • If you are being paid out commission, you will need to supply us with an invoice for the commission amount on a monthly basis.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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